10 Reasons Why I'm Hooked on True Detective | 4 episodes into season 1

10 Reasons Why I'm Hooked on True Detective | 4 episodes into season 1

Mush Mind : 10 Reasons we are watching True Detective. True Detective is a fresh cop drama, having aired only 4 episodes in its first season on HBO. Not unlike other popular detective dramas, True Detective seeks to weave the personal & professional lives of a pair of Homicide Investigators, in this instance Louisiana State Police Investigators-- partners Rust Cohle  ( Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson). Where this series has already diverged relative to others in the detective genre is in its slower than network pace and retrospective narrative style. In my opinion, these characteristics make True Detective's hook a bit more drawn out, but allows for more natural character development & subsequently a better, more mature cop drama.

Without playing spoiler to a show that is still in its first season, I'll give my list of 10 reasons why I love True Detectives (why I recommend it).

  • True Detective is Damn Gritty 
  • Characters develop at a proper pace
  • True detectives does not hold back in its display of graphic material which makes the backwoods feel more believable. Networks are restricted in what they can display in terms of graphic content. Not true on HBO. 
  • Backwoods and Bayou. The film work and scenery set in Louisiana is quite striking. Something about the desolation and filming near the Bayou gives the audience a chilled feeling of helplessness when watching.
  • I must admit, its strange watching Woody Harrelson with hair in this show, but it'll grow on you :) . Harrelson is good. McConaughey is great. McConaughey's character is slow to develop, and much of the retrospective narrative revolves around figuring him out. This keeps the viewer hungry for more.
  • More realistic Detective work. Most detective shows give their characters too high of a success rate, where every lead gives a clue and the detective always makes the right call-- totally unrealistic. In true detectives, Rust & Marty connect the dots at a pace that is more organic AND the audience never knows more than they do.
  • Its fun to try to draw conclusions based on the retrospective narrative.  Rust & Marty  are independently recounting their work as detectives on a high profile case, and as viewers we try to find hints in their narrative.
  • Rust & Marty's personalities couldn't be more contrasting. Morally free thinking, Quaalude induced, insomniac, ace case man & dick swinging, slightly drunk, closed minded, family man.
  • McConaughey's character "Rust" may end up being polarizing in terms of audience popularity, but I really like this character and respect the Edgy + Ace Case Man + See Things for What they Are persona.
  • In general, McConaughey and Harrelson are better actors than most detective shows have to offer. They have good voices for narration, and, as more experienced actors, they're scenes/ dialog are much longer takes (including episode 4's 6 minute extended take-- HEARTPOUNDING).

True Detective Season One Trailer 

True Detective Trailer #2

True Detective Making of Season 1

Spoiler Alert:

Flappy Bird Obituary. The Bird Now Extinct -- Don't worry be Flappy

Flappy Bird Obituary. The Bird Now Extinct -- Don't worry be Flappy

The game known as Flappy bird is now extinct. Flappy bird died today, at the age of, well I don't know, at least a couple of months. Today we mourn this loss, but also stand to celebrate what Flappy Bird stood for, and for some of us, continues to stand for. Those of us lucky enough to have already grabbed a download will continue to fight for survival, dodging pipes, rolling with the ups and downs. Unfortunately, the rest of you will have to use your imagination because you can no longer download the game. It's been pulled.

For a few weeks I had heard of the struggle that is Flappy Bird. Web Video Bloggers such as PewDiePie helped to popularize the game, it was also the subject of a mass of vine videos, including this memorable vine which involved a Dad, His Son, a report Card, and a Coffin (i'll try to find that link).. Pretty much everyone I knew was talking about it. The talk, though, was all negative. "What a stupid game!" they'd say.. "I hate that game, it makes me rage", they'd continue. A skeptic of the skill level of my peers, I decided that this game was no longer a fad, but a full blown social movement. I needed to download Flappy Bird, and so I did.

Not more than 1 minute after download, I was on my way-- tapping the screen as my yellow bird dodged the vertical Mario looking pipes. This game reminded me of former greats, Jet Man of Facebook once had a popular run. From the onset of play, i realized that Flappy Bird was a mis understood game. Peoples struggles and frustration were not a function of the game itself, but of their own short comings. This game required a calm mindless stream of thought, and trying too hard just simply didn't seem to be a winning strategy... in a way, Flappy Bird stood as being a bit Un-American, in that more effort didn't necessarily garner favorable results. 

After a few hours of game play I found that my average score was about 20, with my high score being in the 70 range. Not bad, I thought. All by buds were playing, and I seemed to be excelling past them. I quickly became sympathetic to Flappy. You see, as I mentioned, people hate Flappy, but I am rather fond of the bird. I find his fight for survival compelling. I find that playing flappy requires absolutely no cognitive effort. The result for me is a therapeutic game, a game that brings rhythm and balance to an otherwise chaotic world. In Flappy's world, there is one goal, survivial. And to survive, you must tap a mobile device screen with a finger of your choosing.

For many, Flappy Bird is now an enigma. The creator of Flappy Bird took the game down from the mobile app store. Personally, I believe he was heart broken. It broke his heart that everyone hated the bird that he created. It broke his heart that people resorted to destruction & rage-- destruction & rage which he attributed to a game that he intended to bring joy. It was simply too much to bare, and now the game is gone.

I will continue to play Flappy Bird. My friends and I will continue to compete. Currently I am beating them, and I am actually quite happy about that. I managed a 146 today. I doubt that a Flappy Bird score of 146 is a high score by most peoples standards, but I'm happy with it for the time being. Who knows, one day maybe I'll make 200. One thing remains certain, however, that I will continue to fight in defense of Flappy. I will fight in defense of him against the nay-sayers who continue to belittle him as a disposable 8 bit image. May we never forget flappy, as we keep him in our thoughts and prayers.. and some of us continue to flap in his honor.


A final Eulogy -- Flappy Bird Poem

Flappy lived hard, died fast & died often

hated by most, respected by all, he never missed a tap

no death sustaining such that Flappy would not start a new

that is, until now

in your honor we fight, to survive the ups and downs

so, get ready, tap, on with life we go

without you

don't worry be flappy


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**Make sure to find a free vpn with password. The passwords I used may have changed already**

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then follow their steps, for me on windows 7 it went :


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Pre Superbowl Ads 2014 Series

The super bowl commercials 2014 will be watched more today than any other day of the year. Here is a series of some of the popular pre superbowl commercials

Dash Cam Car Crash

I could never keep this cool in a similar situation... also no airbags?

Super Viners Vines Compilations Videos

As it only takes a few minutes to view dozens of vine videos, these things can get views quickly. Vine recently celebrated one year in existence. Like most content out there, folks have quickly taken to making compilation videos because, well it make sense in the case of 6 second vine clips, and because compilation videos get alot of views. These videos tend to showcase vine videos from some of the bigger names in vine.. the Super Viners.  To achieve a higher view count, these videos tend to sport skin & large breasted females as their still image.. alright, i guess whatever gets the views.

Here is a sample of some of the most popular Vine Compilation videos that have come through over the last couple months.

Best Vine Compilation Videos of 2013 and 2014

Angy Birds the Movie Parody

A terrific short from Rooster Teeth that went viral portraying the real life world of Angry Birds.

It currently has 23.4 Million views as of this post.